Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

I had hoped to have a finished Christmas tablecloth quilt-top to show off by now, but thanks to some over-zealous cutting I've managed to create some weirdly shaped blocks which are too small to fit in with the rest, so I spent some time yesterday removing the offending white and cutting more triangles (bigger this time).  The plan is to make squares that are over-sized, then trim them down to 8.5" to fit in to the spaces between my HST squares...

What are you up to today?  Check out more creative spaces over here while you're at it!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My creative space...

...just got a little more colourful!  The Man hadn't bought anything for my birthday, so I put the case for "something that I've always wanted but would never go out and buy for myself".  I've unpacked the box now, but haven't summoned up the energy to try and turn all 12 dials so that they replicate myself (he thinks it'll be in its box most of the time, personally I'm not sure that I'm that dedicated to a clutter-free environment).  Can hardly wait though, as I've got a casual jacket planned and with the Melbourne weather at the moment I need all they layers I can get.

Hope things are cosier in your neck of the woods!  If not, grab a cup of tea with me and check out more creative spaces in their new home over here - thanks Kirsty!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double whammy weekend

Sunday was my birthday as well as Mothers' Day, and here's how I celebrated my weekend:

Making 'easter egg scones' with the Kinder Boy on Friday (very yummy way of using up the last of this year's chocolate).

Breakfast in bed: pancakes, juice, roses fresh from the garden (complete with a spider!), handmade cards, presents and presents from the school stall.  The boys did an exceptional job of keeping everything a secret (the Kinderboy was practically bursting at the seams with excitement), and the Schoolboy's present choice was fantastic.  How do you like the card he made at school (it has a teabag inside!).

Puffing Billy (restored steam train): It was freezing in Belgrave, but we all had fun and there were a lot less people than when we tried to go on Easter Saturday.  On our return visit we got an enclosed half-cabin to ourselves just behind the guard, which was perfect in the rain.

Home to bed for a snooze (like one of my 'eight presents including cards' from the Schoolboy!)

Hope you had a grand family time on the weekend.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seeing stars

I've been working steadily on my Christmas tablecloth quilt, and the Schoolboy has been really supportive.

"Looks great mum".  Warm glowing feeling from me.

"How do you see the stars mum?".  Hmm... does this mean my layout needs work?

Today in my creative space I'm going to be trimming the last of the half square triangles I've made so far, laying them out and convincing myself that I'm not just seeing stars due to my recent lack of sleep!  Need to cut some more pieces to fill in the gaps, but hopefully by next week I'll have a quilt top to show.


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