Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stash Swap

Today is the start of my first monthly 'Stash Swap'!  Well, not so much a swap as a giveaway really.

The plan is this: I'm going to take photos and give a description of some things that I want to get rid of. If you want them, just leave me a comment, and I'll get in touch. You post me an appropriately sized prepaid parcel post satchel, and I'll send it back complete with the fabric. Easy! The idea is to get the fabric used though, so if you receive some please try and use it within a month or two.  You can choose to be either the giver or receiver (or both) of some stash.

I've been through my stash, and as much as I promised myself I'd be ruthless, there are a number of sleepers still there because I am not ready to part with them yet. I have three pieces of material up for grabs though:

 I think this material has been in my stash longer than any other.  Its a fine suiting fabric, but I'm not sure what it's made of.  I love the feel of it, which is why it has stayed in my stash for at least 15 years even though I'm not into wearing green at all!  It's 148cm wide and 1.6m long.  It'll fit into the smaller size prepaid satchel (which costs $6).

I have no idea where this pink background cotton fabric came from!  It's evidently been used for something, as it is L-shaped.  There is a 98cm long section that's the width of the fabric (115cm), with a 60cm long by 54cm wide piece beneath it.  This one will also fit into the smaller size prepaid satchel.

This is some leftover curtain fabric (unlined) from a roman blind I made for a kitchen in a house I moved out of a long time ago!  The main section measures 47cm by the width of the fabric (145cm), plus there are other bits and pieces.  The fabric is 100% cotton, and I think it would be best used as the basis of a quilt, and if I were into 'country' then that's what I'd do with it.  Altogether there are 56 17cm x 16cm "squares", plus several part squares (I have the breakdown of what type of squares there are if you're interested, but in addition to those shown there are other florals, a rooster, bull, plough & sheep - a total of 15 different squares).  Again, it'll fit into the smaller size prepaid satchel.

If you're interested in having any of this fabric for the cost of posting it to you post a comment (you'll need to say which fabric you're after and make sure you leave an email address).  If you have some stash you'd like to 'swap' or want to see what others would like to pass on then click here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Of grapes and green striped dragonflies

What a beautiful day! I can't believe how lush and green the garden's looking with all of this rain - I'm not a waterer so my plants can't believe their luck with the weather we're having. The weeds also think they're in heaven, but that's another story.

I gave up on the husband actually getting around to planting grape vines in the designated 'vineyard' (along the back fence) over winter and succumbed to the kids' pleas for a sultana grape. I planted it at the time, but today at last got around to puting up wires to train it onto. Found a great publication by the University of Missouri showing the stages of pruning, how far apart to put the wires etc., but am now a bit demoralised by how many years it will be before we see fruit as the vine only comes half way up to the first wire.

The boy and I were amazed by this dragonfly which stayed on the fence the whole time I was working (with an electric drill and screwdriver right next to it) and well beyond. Not sure if you've ever had the opportunity to see one up close, but they have amazing green markings on their body and tail which this photo doesn't do justice.

Hope you've had fun outside today too!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My apologies...

... for the continuing changes to the appearance of my blog.  I can't help fiddling!  I spent far too long on the Yummy Lolly website, then decided I should just use up some of my soon-to-expire Shutterstock credit.  This's a bit cutesy for me, but we have a household fascination with dragonflies, and I can tile it across the page without a drama, so it wins for now.  Really what it comes down to though is that I'm procrastinating about the work I need to do (one of the perils of working for yourself from home) and the crafting that I should/would/could be doing.  I promise not to change the background / layout / colours again for the next week!

Check out this lovely Christmas giveaway

I've been doing a bit of blog-surfing via the Kootoyoo site and found 'Designed to a T' - looks like a great site (when I've checked on Mr 2 downstairs I might sneak up and have a bit more of a look...).  Anyway, I've become a follower and really love the Christmas tags Terese is giving away.  I'll be back to check it out  after some art and craft with the toddler!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My creative space

I have finished the Trouser Project (I've another pair of threadbare pants now though, so the project may make a reappearance).  Very happy with the finished product!  Just waiting on some goodies to put in it before sending it north for Christmas.

So, in my creative space tomorrow I'll be turning this small stack of pink into a frothy birthday present fit for a fairy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trying hard to resist temptation

I have wandering eyes.  I can't help it.  Every time I drive past a hard waste pile I just have to turn and look.  Who knows what treasures might be there, hidden amongst the discarded televisions and cushionless couches?  We were driving home on Sunday night when we passed a pile which looked like it held the contents of someone's lounge room - couch, television, tv cabinet, a picture frame and this little treasure perched on top.  I turned around and went back, my husband protesting, but I think it was worth the sighs and rolled eyes!  The only problem is that now my mind keeps on wandering to it and what it'd look like filled with something red and sparkly for Christmas.  Or maybe with something soft and tactile.  Hmmm need to focus: have to finish the trouser project and a fairy skirt this week, or my Christmas present plan will unravel.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How many weeks is it until Christmas?

I've planned a very crafty Christmas.  You know - make as many of the presents as possible, that way they're unique, personal and hopefully you save a bit of cash along the way.  I've been doing a mental tally of the list though, and am getting concerned at this point.  Here it is in black and white:

  • Finish the Trouser Project bag (I cut out the pieces last night and in theory they're ready for embellishment, but I'm obsessing about one of the pockets that I've added and I think I'm going to redo it).
  • Make a dress each for my two younger nieces
  • Make 2-3 fairy skirts
  • Finish a photo album for my older son
It's a bit embarrassing that I've already culled the list, excluded the 'little' things like Christmas cards (soon to be relegated to next year again I'm afraid), and to say that I'd also like to finish the curtains that I'm making for our bedroom and make myself a dress, plus I've been looking at the trouser bag pattern and thinking that it'd be really cute to make little girl versions to go with the dresses (one side out of floral/spotted material and one plain, with a contrast binding)... [deep breath].  Hmm, and I need to work, look after the kids, etc..  Lucky my husband doesn't read this, or he'd be rolling his eyes!  I plan to finish the trouser bag and one fairy skirt this week, then take it "one week at a time" - wish me luck!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The project begins...

Yay, its Thursday!  Tonight I plan to make a start on the 'threadbare trouser project'.  Looking forward to getting out the scissors and 'quick-unpick' and attacking the pants.  These pants are actually in quite good condition, but the aim is to salvage the best bits of the fabric (bottom of the legs), plus the waistband, pockets and any spare buttons, then work out how to shoe-horn the pattern onto it...

Looking forward to hearing what you're up to in your creative space today!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the threadbare trouser project

I have a handbag that I love - just the right size (well nearly, if it were a smidge bigger I could get an A5 notepad into it and that'd be great), right number of pockets, the strap goes diagonally over my shoulder so it doesn't fall off and I can use both my hands - I have vowed to keep it forever.  The problem is that my 'made in china' bag wasn't made to be kept forever.  The lining has fallen apart, and doesn't seem to be fixable - oh the tragedy!

Strangely enough the answer came in a work expo and a pair of threadbare trousers...

At the expo I was given a bag of handouts.  The handouts were so-so (most went straight in the recycling), and the bag's handle was annoyingly short, but the design was bliss!  One pattern piece, cut it out twice, sew it together, and you a nifty handbag that you could resize a little and use for the beach / a nappy bag.  Make it out of a pair of suit trousers and you have the makings of the world's best bag - slightly bigger than my old bag, button up pockets inside for things you need to keep safe, a zipper across the top, and even a separate pocket to keep the mobile/car keys within easy reach.

I added the dragonflies along the way (the material has a red line through it), hubbie wasn't wearing them that way at the office!

  I've been so impressed by the way the bag's worked out I'm going to make one for a female relative I have in this year's Kris Kringle (here's hoping she likes it!).  I've gotten a pair of pants from Savers - probably too good to cut up, but they don't sell pairs with holes in them :(

Thursday, November 11, 2010

From tulle on to threadbare trousers...

Thank you to everyone who has asked about / bought a fairy skirt.  I'm off to school tomorrow to add $95 to our class stall's total for the fair, as I've now sold all of them!

I've a couple of projects I need to start for Christmas (OK at least 3 to start and a major one to finish).  No details just yet, but if you're keen to know exactly what you can do with a pair of suit trousers so threadbare that they have a hole in the crotch watch this space (digital camera's gone AWOL otherwise I'd give you a bit of a hint)!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tulle update!

Thanks for your support everyone, I think that I've sold all the skirts!  A few have been tentatively set aside though, so if you're after a skirt let me know and I'll get in contact once I've heard back about them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tulle, tulle and more tulle!

Sunday was the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Fair (try to say that three times fast!), and I'd made 36 fairy skirts for our class stall.  My son was glad to see what he thought was the last of the skirts, as he'd been embarrassed by the fact that half of them had been housed in his wardrobe for a couple of months!  Unfortunately for him I have some left, so the main purpose of setting up this blog is to let you all have a look at them so that I can sell the rest, give the money to the school, and give my boy his domain back!

So, here's the deal:

I have 9 'Tinkerbell' style fairy skirts up for sale, with the proceeds to go to the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School.  Each of the skirts has one layer of 'fancy'/glittery tulle and two layers of plain tulle.  They all have elasticised and adjustable waist, fitting over hips up to 80cm around.  We were selling them for $15 each at the Fair, but you can have them for $10 each, first in best-dressed in terms of colour and detail.  They'd make a great addition to a dressup box / Christmas present.

If you're interested you can call me / email me at crafty-woman@live.com.

If you want to specify a specific skirt refer to the row and whether what you're after is left / centre / right.
The skirts in the middle of the first row and left of the second row are the same as one another.


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