Thursday, May 12, 2011

My creative space...

...just got a little more colourful!  The Man hadn't bought anything for my birthday, so I put the case for "something that I've always wanted but would never go out and buy for myself".  I've unpacked the box now, but haven't summoned up the energy to try and turn all 12 dials so that they replicate myself (he thinks it'll be in its box most of the time, personally I'm not sure that I'm that dedicated to a clutter-free environment).  Can hardly wait though, as I've got a casual jacket planned and with the Melbourne weather at the moment I need all they layers I can get.

Hope things are cosier in your neck of the woods!  If not, grab a cup of tea with me and check out more creative spaces in their new home over here - thanks Kirsty!

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