Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I seem to be spending a fair bit of time in op shops lately, although not everything has been the bargain I originally thought, I'm happy with the outcomes...

... Mr Saucepan on his way to the school Book Parade (the saucepans are now back in the car, waiting a return visit to the op shop)

... Some 'recrafted' pants (I discovered once I got home that the original waistband as too low, and they fell off each time I climbed the stairs!  The new improved waistband gets the tick of approval on the stairs, and should grow with me)

... A 'recrafted' handbag - a bargain at $2, until I got home and realised the lining was disintegrating.  Luckily it was easily removed, and I've relined it with some leftover satin that I've had in my stash for coming up to 20 years (sad, I know!)

... This one doesn't actually fit in with the op shop theme, but I combined some deep blue cotton from my stash, some of the leftover waistband fabric from the jeans, and some courage inspired by Lara's skirt to come up with a breezy summer skirt that I can recraft into something more inspiring once the baby's born.  Construction was easy:

  1. Cut the fabric in half across its width, 
  2. Join the two pieces into a tube, and gather the top to a width a bit bigger than my anticipated final girth
  3. Join the waistband fabric into a (smaller) tube and fold in half to give a folded edge at the top and two raw edges together at the bottom
  4. Stitch skirt fabric onto the stretched waistband, then hem.
More crafty spaces over here..., and more flea-market / op shop finds over here.

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  1. I am so heartily impressed you hung on to that satin for nearly TWENTY years. You so knew it would come in handy some day...


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