Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simplicity 4243 revisited

In the interests of getting the most out of my patterns, I've been making another Simplicity 4243 top.  Hopefully the colour is sufficiently different from the previous version that no one will notice that the Newbie's wearing the same thing over and over!

I did a few things differently, this time, so here's the rundown:

Pattern:  Simplicity 4243, View D with the sleeves from View A / B

40cm of an unknown print I received in a scrap pack recently (sorry, can't find it on the Fabricworm website, and the selvedge was no help)
A teensy bit of pink poly-cotton from the stash
Miraculously similar bias binding from the stash

  • I didn't have enough pink for the sleeves, so I shortened them by about 1.5cm (ie. I made them as long as my fabric would let me) and then bound them with the floral material rather than hemming the sleeve as described in the pattern.
  • I bound the bottom with bias binding, rather than hemming it, meaning that the finished length is slightly longer than the pattern.
  • I made my own facing patterns for the neckline and cut these from the pink fabric, rather than using a bias strip.  This also allowed me to use a single button with elastic closure on the back (sorry for the blurry photos).  This's the first time I've used this sort of enclosure, and I love it already!

I was about 2" short on the bias binding, and decided that I would sew it on anyway and do something different at the centre back.  My 'something different' ended up being to bind it with a leftover piece of the sleeve material.  Not the creative approach I had in mind I have to say.  Its on the back, and no one will ever see it (or the mis-matched pattern at the centre back seam), but it annoys me that it looks tacked on.  I could have joined my strip to the bias binding and made it look a whole lot better if I had thought more before sewing.  Of course, I could also unstitch it and re-do it, but we all know that's unlikely!

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  1. ack! that is SO sweet! I adore your fabric choice.

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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