Friday, July 27, 2012

Gran's Creative Space

This week's Creative Space is brought to you by my mum.  I promise I have been creating myself though, and will return next time around with some of my own work.

We had a special 'dedication' service for A at church last Sunday.  Its a bit like a christening, but without the water - the Cyclist, the boys and I got up the front and publicly thanked God for our Newbie, and promised to raise her as best we can with the help of the assembled family and friends.  In celebration Mum gave her a blanket to represent the love of her extended family.  Mum would probably say she's not into patchwork, but she has an embroidery machine and can crochet (check out the combined work in both!), and the result certainly looks like a twist on patchwork to me.

Each square is of polar fleece, with a backing of flannel for added warmth and to hide the back of the embroidery.  They're overlocked around the edges, then joined together with several rows of crocheted cotton.  There are nine different bears, plus one square with A's name and birth date.

The blanket's spent the week in the car and the pram, getting maximum exposure on the school run and generally being loved (snuggled into, played peek-a-boo with and drooled on) by its young owner.

Thanks Mum!

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