Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The tealeaves are ready!

I've finished my tealeaves cardigan!  I am pretty excited, because I really need something warm to wear and most of my clothes don't fit any more.  This'll keep most of me warm for the rest of winter, and I think I'll still like it this time next year as well.

I used "Naturally Sensation", a 10 ply merino/angora blend from New Zealand, which's given the cardigan a bit of a fuzzy look.

I made a few alterations to the pattern:

  • I decided that knitting the sleeves in the round was too fiddly, and knitted them straight - I figured that I could handle stitching an underarm seam if I didn't have to worry about any side/shoulder ones!
  • After knitting one sleeve I decided it was a little too close-fitting for my liking that they were too thin (or my arms weren't thin enough!), and re-did it with an extra four stitches in each;
  • After I'd taken the whole lot down to Darn Cheap Fabrics to buy buttons yesterday I decided that I liked it best with 1"/25mm buttons (the holes in the pattern fitted 18mm buttons), so I bought them, then redid the button holes with 5 cast-off stitches rather than the k2tog/YO2 buttonhole the pattern recommended.  I also realigned them so that they matched the bands on the yoke a little better.

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  1. Beautiful work Jackie - the colour is stunning and it looks great on you. Perfect for this chilly weather we're having!


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