Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I finished something!

I've been working and crafting away, but with not much to show, so this project from yesterday was a welcome change!

About the same time as I upcycled the 'let's fly' top for the Kinderboy, I bought the Schoolboy a plain navy top from Target.  Comfy, but a little boring was the declaration.  "I want you to decorate it for me before I wear it".  "No problems" say I, putting it in the 'fix it' drawer while I work out what an appropriate motif might be.  "What's this?" say I several months later when rummaging through the drawer for something else.  Oops.  Luckily he loves it, and the delay's already forgiven.

My apologies for the headless photo - its the only one that's in focus, but has him scowling because I made him stop for photos before letting him watch ABC kids!

In the end the inspiration came from a Lego owl he made yesterday morning.  Here's a close-up - easy peasy use of a couple of spare bits of Japanese print quilting fabrics.


  1. Excellent job. And I love a tick off the (endless) To Do list too...

  2. Very cute! ..... and i know what you mean about getting the kids to stay still long enough to get a good photo hehehe

  3. Wow!!Super cool!!!Love it!!

  4. Very cute! Actually, I think I have a couple of those 'plain' tees hiding in my fix it up stash too :-P

  5. darling! i love your japanese fabrics!


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