Monday, October 10, 2011

Mother and son PJs

The Kinderboy and I are both in need of new pyjama pants.  He's grown too tall for most of his clothes, and for some reason there was only one long pair of pyjamas amongst the size 4 clothes his brother's grown out of.

I've had some linen fabric in the cupboard for a number of years now.  I can't remember what I bought it for, but its check, and I've always steered away from it for daytime clothes for myself.  There was a mountain of it (I suspect it was only around $2 a metre at Darn Cheap Fabrics at the time, and I remember coming home and realising that I'd over-bought as its 150cm wide).  Anyway, over the weekend I've managed to carve out matching pyjama pants for us, with some left over.

I used McCalls 3019 for myself, and another 99c secondhand pattern (Burda 9769) for the Kinderboy.  He's going through an 'I don't like girls phase', so please don't let him know that this's a girl pattern!  In both cases omitted the pockets, and for his I actually made a size 6 and shortened it.

I was impressed by how quickly they came together, and it made me wonder why I hadn't made pyjamas for the boys before now.  Today I went to Kmart and they had thermal T-shirts and long sleeve tops on special for $2 each, so with a little bit of applique that's us sorted for now.  All I need to do now is work out if there's enough fabric left for the Schoolboy, who's feeling a little left out...

While I'm thinking of it, the Burda pattern had been used to make a Size 6 top/dress by the previous owner, and they'd cut the pattern along that line.  To start off with I was horrified - it felt a bit like vandalism as I always either trace off the size that I want onto separate paper, or try to cut along the correct line without damaging the pattern pieces at all, both of which add considerably to the time I take to make a garment.  Am I alone, does the other person's approach make sense if you're only wanting to use a particular size (this pattern covers sizes 3-8)?  How do you deal with multi-size patterns?  Have you used tracing paper before?

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  1. I prefer to sew jammie pants for my kids, since the ones you can buy here are either polyester or cotton dunked in chemicals (so they won't burn). We take our chances and sleep in cotton. Aren't sewn jammie pants great?! And I'm with you, I trace off patterns--kids grow, and it seems such a waste to commit to one size only!

  2. His pants look great! I would trace off the pattern too.. I would think that you would want to reuse the pattern when they get bigger!!!Right?


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