Saturday, November 19, 2011

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

... my apologies!  It really is to early to be thinking about Christmas, and I can't face any sort of present list yet, but there are some craft items on my 'to do' list that I really want to cross off before the start of December.  Last night I finished the first of them: a Christmas stocking for the Newbie.  In theory this could have waited - our tradition is that we hang them on Christmas Eve, but as Christmas and new babies come hand-in-hand in our household, making a stocking just seems like part of the birth preparations.
I've made each of us Christmas stockings, and a friend asked me for the pattern some time ago.  Looking at my instructions for her I was a little confused by the whys and wherefores of some of my instructions, so I thought I'd revise them for you.  I've also tried my hand at preparing a PDF pattern based on my design.  If you print it at 100% you'll end up with a stocking that's around 47cm from the top to the heel and 40cm from heel to toe.

I'm going to make one of Tania's Voucher Wraps (but slightly smaller - mine will measure 6" by 11" unfolded) with some of the leftovers.
If you'd like to have a go at your own version of my Christmas stocking feel free to download the pattern (please only use it for your own personal purposes - don't reproduce it/sell them).  Some of the great looking examples here might provide additional inspiration for fabric choices.  There are written instructions in the pattern download, but if you're after visuals as well here goes:

What you'll need:

Main fabric & calico/lining (115cm wide)
70cm of each
(180cm will do 3 stockings)
Cuff fabric (115cm wide)
Ribbon/webbing (~2.5 cm wide)
~70 cm
Iron on interfacing (light-medium weight)
20cm (if 115cm wide this should do two stockings)

What to cut:
2x      Stocking shape from main fabric (add 1cm seam allowance all round)
2x      Stocking shape from calico (add 1cm seam allowance all round)
2x      18cm x 56cm rectangles from cuff fabric
1x      18cm x 56cm rectangle from interfacing

How to sew it up:
1.          With right sides facing, stitch front and back stocking pieces together using a 1cm seam allowance, back-stitching a few stitches at the start and end of the seam, and leaving the top open.  If you like, then zig zag/overlock the edges (I have used a straight stitch to neaten the top of the stocking, but as the whole lot is going to be lined I haven’t worried about the rest of the edges).
2.          Do the same with the calico/lining.
3.          Clip seam allowance to curves.
4.          Turn the main fabric stocking through the right way, and press.
5.          Insert the calico stocking inside the main fabric one, matching seams and top.
6.          Apply the interfacing to one of the cuff pieces.
7.          With right sides, facing stitch the cuff pieces together along one long edge (this becomes the lower edge).
8.          Press flat, with seam allowance toward the un-interfaced half.
9.          With right sides facing, stitch the back seam (short edges) of the cuff, then press open.
10.       Fold the cuff in half and press.
11.       Insert cuff inside the top of the stocking, matching the back seam on the cuff with that on the stocking, and ensuring that the non-interfaced side of the cuff is facing the stocking lining (ie. When turned over this will be on the outside).
12.       Fold the ribbon/webbing in half, and pin between the stocking and the lining, so that the fold matches the edges of the fabric and the remainder of the ribbon/webbing hangs inside the stocking.
13.       Stitch the cuff and the stocking together, catching the ribbon/webbing into the seam.
14.       Fold up the cuff so that it lies flat, then topstitch the seam allowance to the stocking.
15.       Turn the cuff down.


  1. great tutorial, tahnks for the inspiration.

  2. Gorgeous stockings. Great tutorial.


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