Thursday, March 22, 2012


Things have been super-busy over here, and although I've been snatching time here and there to sew, I haven't taken any time to photograph or blog.

I'm really excited though, firstly because I finally got around to using the twin needle I begged the Cyclist into buying for me a month ago (apparently I told him it was urgent - think he thinks I conned him into going to the fabric store for no good reason).  I LOVE it!  I've never been game to use knitted fabrics because of the stretch/wavy seam factor, but my new twin needle is brilliant!!  Here's my first real effort at using it (finished a couple of weeks ago - its already been through the wash, but today was the first chance I got to take photos):

The cardigan was really simple (four rectangles out of leftovers from this wrap), and I'm not overly keen on the fit, but what I am impressed with is the seams - not a hint of unwanted stretching or waviness along the seams.  Fantastic!  I was so enthused that I started on a T-shirt for the Schoolboy.

The other reason that I'm excited is the Spring Top Sew-Along.  You may have noticed that I've added the button to my blog.  I've used it as incentive to make myself a couple of tops.  I've taken photos of them today too, but a post about them will have to wait another day or two.

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