Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nothing new under the sun

My creative space this week is a little like Sesame Street.  Instead of being 'brought to you by the letter "J" and the number "3"' though, I'm bringing you my second Girlify post 'brought to you by the blog "Sew Love It" and the blog "Make-it Love-it".

This body suit was too wide and short for my Newbie.  Not to mention that the train would've had people confused about her gender.  This year's summer in Melbourne has been variable to say the least (winter temperatures, rain and wind today, but too hot and humid for my liking just a few days ago).  A light cardi would be a good addition to her wardrobe, so I got brave and cut the bottom off the bodysuit, turning it into a double-breasted cardigan.

I then set about embellishing it and hiding the train.  In doing so I used:

  • The ruffle and gathering ideas from her red ruffle pants to create a ruffle that extends from the top press-stud inside, around the neckline and the bottom edge, back to the bottom press-stud at the front.  I used 1.5" wide fabric strips, with contrast thread for the zig-zag on the edges, and gathered it down the centre.
  • The flower ideas I had for the Girlfy pyjamas, but I used eight narrower petals of two separate colours, stitching them together in pairs.
  • This idea for covering a button for the centre of the flower
It took me about a week to complete due to the craziness of life in our place at the moment, but the actual sewing time was pretty short.  If you've got a wrap body suit that isn't quite right I'd highly recommend taking the scissors to it!!


  1. That's a great refashioning! Very cute.

  2. thanks for your comment, i'm glad your version turned out do well!! :-)

  3. If it's any consolation, my two girls were always generally thought to be boys because they were follicularly challenged in the hair-growing department. Didn't matter if they were bedecked in tizzy pink!


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