Thursday, November 8, 2012

Clothing baby

My little one is into dolls.  She's not even one yet, but fell in love with this little Berenguer baby at the op shop a month or so ago.  I bought her with the intention of washing her up, dressing her, and then presenting her as a first birthday gift in December.  The only problem is, that she's been floating in and out of boxes and bags as I try and work on clothing, and each time the Newbie smothers her in kisses and I feel mean packing her away again.  Its very cute, but I'm determined to stick to my guns and clothe little 'Cate' before handing her over.

I'm working on some knitting as well as sewing projects, but this is the first one that I've finished:

It's from the 'Nakey Baby' project over at The Blueberry Moon.

I used a woven fabric, and found that I needed some added width to make it go over my baby's arms.  I increased the width of the sleeves by 5.5cm, and if/when I do it again I'll also widen the body sections a little for ease of dressing.

I increased the length of the pattern slightly, to match the scrap that I was using.  It turned out to be equivalent to the depth of the top and bottom hems.

The bodice sections would make the good basis for a 'pillowcase' type dress.

For reference, my baby is around 13" long.

I'm linking up over here, so I'll see you there once I've actually done some paid work for the morning!


  1. Oh she looks so sweet and I love watching little people who smother their wee friends. So delightful

  2. My 19mth old is intrigued by baby dolls at the moment. She's not quite sure whether she likes them or not and likes to poke them in the eyes for some reason. hehehe!
    I really love that fabric you've used.. cute!


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