Monday, October 29, 2012

Shirt for the Schoolboy

I've finally finished the shirt that I was going to make for the Schoolboy during Kids Clothing Week.  I've been plugging away at it bit by bit, and am really happy with the result:

I took a long time lining the pattern pieces up on the fabric for this shirt, and I love the 'invisible' pocket (and his amazement when he found it),

am really proud of the way the back and the yoke line up,

but not sure why it is that I cut the right sleeve out upside down (or why I didn't realise exactly what was wrong with it until the shirt was finished)!

All fabric and button choices were the Schoolboy's.

The pattern is 'Apple' from the Summer 2010 Ottobre magazine, altered to include some snippets of red gingham.  This's the first of the kids patterns I've sewed from the magazines, and I have to say it seems quite slim fitting.  My boys are very different builds (same chest and waist measurements, but 10-12 cm difference in height), and the Schoolboy is both slender and likes his shirts slim-fitting.  I used a size 128 to match his height even though his chest was smaller than the size chart, and am glad I did - a narrower fitting may not have been big enough.  As it is he's slightly miffed that I'm going to make his brother's shirt the same size!


  1. It looks great! You've done a fantastic job. I've never been game enough to attempt a collared shirt!

  2. Your shirt looks so beautifully sewn. Really lovely.


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