Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just do it...

I know, I was going to 'snatch' time to stitch triangles over the next few days, and daydream about layouts...

... but there's no time like the present right? (particularly when the Kinderboy declares that he'd rather have a quiet day at home than go to playgroup).  So, I laid out my triangles as I'd pictured:

... hmm.  Not so much.  If this is going to be a tablecloth, it needs to look good (and Christmasy) from all angles.

... how about stars?

More stars?  I've settled on 13 of them, but I ran out of room on the bed.

And I found a use for those smaller triangles!

I'm off to colour in a layout diagram by hand (Excel doesn't really cope so well with all these triangles).  I need to trim down my squares too, as in my haste my sewing wasn't exactly straight.  Perfect excuse to sit and watch the Royal wedding tomorrow night perhaps?

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  1. Oh WOW!! You took HST to a whole new level!!! That is going to look AMAZING!! xx Cant wait to see more.. xx


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