Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We have around about 7m of windows in our bedroom - wrap around windows along the whole front facade, plus a separate window.  In a flush of optimism I bought fabric on sale last year to make curtains for the lot (50% off - how could I resist).  Well, I made the curtains for the small window, but had 6 to make for the big one (its so wide they don't actually make track long enough to do it in a single span!), but got distracted with other things in the leadup to Christmas.

I've now actually hung the first curtain on the front wall!  The pleats need hand stitching at the front, but I put it up anyway for now, and am amazed at how much light it blocks out that the venetians let through - here's to a sounder sleep and a more energy efficient home when I'm done.

I have my second wind now I think, and am planning to do some more tomorrow night.  Think I need to write myself a tutorial though, as I'd forgotten what order I did things in, how much hem to turn up etc, over the course of the last 4 months and had to keep checking my previous work.

On a different note, I hope the school holidays are treating you well.  Here's my grab-bag of ideas for dragging the boys away from the TV just in case you're stuck:

Inside stuff:
  • Visit the museum
  • Visit the Centre of the Moving Image at Fed Square (apparently they can draw their own cartoon still - fantastic!)
  • Make a Lego city - is it ever actually possible to use up every block you have?  Yesterday we took this idea to a friend's house also
  • Go see the Mirka Mora exhibition at Heide (wouldn't dare think of an art gallery as age appropriate for two generally wrestling boys, but the Schoolboy's been studying her in art, and other kids have been and really enjoyed it)
  • Make Mothers' Day presents for Gran & Nanna
  • Cook - we made Anzac Biscuits yesterday, but the bicarb soda / water / butter / golden syrup combo wasn't as explosive as I remembered, so the boys decided that the 'science experiment' biscuits were a failure!!
  • Have our own movie afternoon with popcorn
Outside stuff:
  • Picnic in the back yard (you could try our garden stake and sheet tee-pee if you're really keen - the boys thought it was fantastic)
  • Check out the Comedy Festival maze at Fed Square
  • Call in on the Children's Garden at the Botanical Gardens
  • Visit the Zoo / Sanctuary
  • Go to our favourite playground, and take a picnic / bubbles

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