Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Succumbing to E.I.T.T.T.S

Last year I got sick of the 'naked bed' syndrome, and made the Man and I a really simple navy quilt from a subtle paisley navy sheet set and some pre-cut dacron filling I'd bought ages previously (nice and cosy, probably warmer than cotton, etc.).  Was quite proud of my first proper go at hand quilting - a neatly stitched grid to reinforce the simplicity of the quilt.  Looked fabulous on the bed too.
Then a 'boy who shall remain nameless' decided that our quilt was the perfect place to wipe his snotty nose.  Yesterday I thought I'd deal with it, and shoved the lot in the washing machine.  Probably Mistake #1.  Turned it on, and then looked at the cycle.  'Cotton' wash.  Mistake #2.  Turned the knob thinking "the machine'll know that I really want a delicate cycle and switch/stop".  Mistake #3.

Now I have an interestingly concertinaed mess, with batting inside that seems to have simultaneously shrunk and felted itself into a hard mat in places, whilst being fine elsewhere.  AAARG!

The only consolation is that the quilting will be pretty easy to undo, so I guess I can re-make it using a more appropriate batting.

For more E.I.T.T.T.S., including an explanation see Jodie at Vintage Ric Rac.

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