Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to my new domain!

Months ago, before the paid work got crazy-busy, I had grand plans of making craft stuff to sell on-line.  I registered a business name, got a domain name, and started work on a website.  I also made some labels and put them on some presents I made for family last Christmas as well as some fairy skirts for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

Things have come to a screaming halt though, and I figure that I may as well use the domain name for something, so I'm starting the switch over to 'fred-and-cissy' as my blog.  Who knows, maybe down the track I'll get back onto making things for sale, but in the meantime, here's the story behind Fred and Cissy (my apologies if you've read it before...) :

Fred and Cissy (actually Alfred & Gertrude) were my dad's maternal grandparents.  To the best of my knowledge they died before I was born, but I have the letters that Fred wrote to his sweetheart on the boat across from England in 1912-13.  He came to Australia ahead of her to find work and get settled before she made the trip and then they were married.  Dad also has a poem that his grandfather wrote (or appropriated) for their golden wedding anniversary so many years later and he was evidently as smitten then as he was on the boat across.  Since I inherited the letters from my Grandma I've been fascinated with them, charmed by their love for one another and aware of the sense of humour they must have had (this is one of the few photos dad has of them - Cissy is on the right in the photo, holding the silverbeet).

Anyway, I'm going to keep on labelling some of my craft stuff in their honour.  I hope that if you receive anything with a Fred & Cissy label it'll give you a smile to match Fred's in the photo!

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  1. Lovely story and great domain name - glad you're using it!


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