Thursday, July 7, 2011

My creative space(s)

Today I got crafty indeed in my creative space - I took the kids to an indoor play centre for 2.5 hours while I drank tea and knitted - happiness all round!  I'm now onto the bottom band on my Tealeaves cardigan, so I'll have a finished product to show you soon.

Look what arrived in the post today too - I wasn't going to start any new projects just yet, but the Schoolboy's love for the Eiffel tower and enthusiasm for a quilt involving a map of Paris drew me in to this purchase from Trinkets in the Attic (haven't shown the Cyclist yet, but no doubt there'll be attempted mapping of the final Stage of the Tour de France in our house tonight).  Fell in love with some 'end of stock' fabric while I was shopping, and made a couple of out-of-character impulse buys, but more of them another time.

Yesterday the boys and I spent a rainy hour or so turning ourselves into mini human spirographs (couldn't lay my hands on big enough paper for the full version).  Our results aren't as exciting to look at as these, or of course the original, but we had a heap of fun.

What are you and yours up to in your creative space?  Add your link here to share the fun!


  1. hehe, what a cool idea! i can see you guys had fun. and how great is that fabric?! it's sweet to see all the travelthemed stuff on the blogs when holiday time rolls around! ;o)

  2. I'm so jealous of you and your indoor play center! The one I used to take my daughter to closed years ago, but it was such a great place to burn off energy.

    Love the human spirographs, too -- I'm going to have to find some really big paper!

  3. HOORAY! I so LOVE that you gave the spirography a whirl. The Mr will be chuffed to bits when I show him. Both my kid's teachers saw that blog post and we have received emails demanding class spirograph scheduling! Oh my lordy...


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