Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flea market finds

Braved a trip to Savers with the Kinderboy yesterday.  He found himself a paperclip early on, and used it as a percussion instrument, which certainly beat the usual running away and hiding amongst the clothes!

Came home without clothes but with a stash of sewing patterns for 99c each (here's hoping all the pieces are there!).  I seem to collect patterns, so this week I'm determined to make myself an 'action plan' for using some of them.  After all, why buy maternity patterns if I'm not going to use them in the next few months?

Here's a selection of my purchases:

For me (pre-baby)

For baby - don't you love the vintage pic's?
For me (post-baby or maybe modify for pre-baby if I discover some free time somewhere...)


  1. I love that last dress pattern! Wow.

    I have been in various op shops a lot lately but never look through the patterns in the bigger stores - it would take too long and Miss Three would well and truly run away and hide amongst the clothes! Must make a solo trip one day and see what patterns I can find.

    Happy sewing.

  2. That Simplicity dress pattern is a dream. Lucky you for finding it.


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