Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Our high chair has seen use for our kids as well as their cousins.  It's looking a little worse for wear, and the gigantic gash down the seat cover means that food spills aren't as easily wiped up as the manufacturer intended.  Somehow, this seems more important to me with a little girl in the house than it did with boys.  I'm not sure why, but I'm a bit more precious with the Newbie.  Maybe its a girl thing, maybe that she's always going to be the youngest, or maybe its that when the boys were young I didn't spend any time looking at craft projects on the internet!  Whatever the reason, I decided that before I started her on solids I was going to make a couple of washable covers for the high chair (no matter how washable the original cover is, its a pill to wipe right into the corners, and something I can throw in the machine would be far more practical).  Here's the first:

I'm rather chuffed.  The fabric came from my stash, as did the navy ribbing I used as binding, curtain lining as backing and leftover quilt wadding as padding.  I'm hoping that the curtain lining will be at least moisture resistant.  The plan is to make another the same, and reduce my fabric stash at the same time as extending the useful life of the high chair.  I've left the original cover underneath as its more padded than mine, but used it to make a pattern for the new cover, which just sits on top.  Sorry.  Will stop gushing now.


  1. This looks great! Lisa xx

  2. You gush all you like - 'tis PRACTICAL CRAFT! Entirely gushworthy, in my book...


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