Friday, April 6, 2012

The White Rabbit

We have an Easter Sunday tradition of an Easter egg hunt in our yard with the boys.  Each year the Easter Bunny leaves not only eggs, but one Lindt bunny for each person who is present.  The bunnies are labelled, and the Easter Bunny is clued on enough to know that most of the family likes milk chocolate, but mum is happiest with dark!

I recently saw this bunny, and knew that I needed to make the Newbie a white rabbit (from some faux fur I had in my stash) for her first Easter.  Here she is:

I have to confess that she's been manufactured quickly whilst the small male members of the household are out, so that the Easter bunny's true identity remains a secret.  As a result, these photos have been taken before her belly's been sewn up!  I used this tutorial, which is for a faux chenille bunny.

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  1. LOL...what a fun bunny! I am sure the newbie will love it.


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