Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meandering through Paris (?)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but my Schoolboy has a fascination with 'Le Tour Eiffel'.  He also barracks for the Magpies (I find myself wanting to type all sorts of jokes in defence of his IQ and number of front teeth, but a fair number of Melbournians would be offended by the stereotype, his aunt and cousins included!).  Last year, when he requested a more grown-up quilt, we combined the two and came up with this design:

I finally finished the quilt top on Friday, and here's a section of it hanging on the line:

Not sure if its just me or not, but the red squares draw my attention more on the finished product than I was expecting.  I think it is more interesting than the original 'just black and white' request.  The main fabric is Map of Paris, and the strapping is Kona Cotton in Snow and Charcoal.  The red I got from Spotlight (Jester Red quilting cotton).

Now I have a dilemma - I have always quilted my quilts myself.  Usually I do it by machine, although I've hand quilted from time to time.  I'm not a huge fan of either to be honest (I'm too impatient, and find it difficult to manoeuvre larger quilts under my machine), and I thought that I'd investigate having this one professionally done.  The problem is that now I'm finished the top I'm reluctant to hand it over to someone else.  I was going to quilt along the ditch on either side of all of the sashes and then do some sort of meandering along the streets through the main squares, but now I look at it I'm not at all confident on that either.  Help!

In the meantime, I've had a first-shot at some stipple quilting, making a cover for the high-chair for the Newbie, the original being rather the worse for wear:

I liked the process more than I expected, and could almost see myself using this on the squares of the 'Map of Paris' quilt.  I just don't want to lose heart half way through.

Have any of you Melbournians had quilts professionally quilted?  How did you find the process?  What sort of time-frame did you have to part with your quilt for, and (if its not too personal) what was the price like?


  1. I like the design of the quilt and the maps makes it interesting :)

  2. map of paris fabric? too cool. that is one fantastic quilt x

  3. What a great design! Sorry I can't help you on the pricing, I do know some of my friends have their quilting done and here it costs about $60-$80 per quilt, but I think that might be for baby quilts.

  4. What a great quilt for a boy! It's so graphic! I really like that Paris map print, I'm going to have to get some!

  5. Fantastic quilt. I have no idea about the prices there but those map blocks are so wonderful I am not sure they need much quilting at all. JMHO.


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