Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cosy toes

I bought a number of patterns from Savers last winter.  My pattern drawer's overflowing (well, actually its a drawer and a box now), and I was determined to only buy the patterns if I was going to use them.  I failed on the others - they were all maternity patterns, and have made it to the op shop without me so much as checking that all the pieces were there.  This pattern's my chance to redeem myself.  It's for six month old babies, and as the Newbie is now six months (and in need of a new on-line moniker), its now or never!

I bought the pattern for the 'cosy toes' view (top left).  From where I stand it looks fantastic - no more lost socks/booties on the way to school, no more blankets falling off the bottom of the stroller when out for walks, etc.  I pulled it out on the weekend, and found two bonuses:
  • The fact that its an old single-size pattern meant I could use it as-is:  no tracing off the size I was after.  This is one of my least-favourite things about sewing, as it seems like such a long process to go through before getting down to the 'real thing' of cutting and sewing the fabric.
  • The cosy toes pattern isn't actually designed for a six month old, its a 'one size fits all' through to 18 months.  Brilliant.  I've tricked myself into using the pattern, but I'll get to use the product this winter and next.  
I finished it at lunchtime, and from the first trial I guess she's as excited as I am!

I've made it with some polka-dot cotton I bought from Darn Cheap Fabrics a couple of weeks ago, lined with offcuts of bamboo quilt wadding and some solid pink and a tiny bit of floral that's been in my stash for an embarrassingly long time.  I did a butterfly applique on the back, mainly to hold the layers together (the seams do the job elsewhere).  Not being one to reinvent the wheel, the butterfly came from this download.  Now I just need it to stop raining so we can go for a walk and try it out.

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