Thursday, June 28, 2012

My creative space

My Creative Space today should be about stripping back this roadside find:

Spotted on a quick trip down the street, and only picked up because I promised the Cyclist that I wouldn't leave it in the garage, that it wouldn't be a 'burden' on me [his code for unfinished project I suspect], etc.

I promised, but in fact the first time it's left the garage since the weekend is when I took this photo this morning.  I know it will be brilliant for little Miss A (the little chair we had for the boys was destroyed by my big boy and the bigger one across the road, so who am I to pass up a free-but-in-need-of-work replacement?), but in the meantime I've been distracted by turning this pile of fluffiness into a fairy skirt for her (photos and how-to to come):

What are you up to in your creative space today?  I'm off to Village Voices to see!


  1. Love the chair ~ it will look brilliant with a new "outfit" on!

  2. That Chair is the best and cutest find ever!! Oh What I would do to that chair!!


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