Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

I love making kid-size apron and chef's hat combo's.  I've done a few as presents since first making a set for my Schoolboy about 5 years ago.  The Kinderboy went to a friend's birthday at Kids in the Kitchen on Saturday.  They had heaps of fun, and I thought that a hat and apron would be appropriate.  I finished it after the party though, so they've made their way to their new owner this morning.

His mother would describe her son as a 'wee little one' (she's a Kiwi and 'wee' is a description I love to hear her use, but somehow it doesn't sound right in an Aussie accent), so the hat's adjustable in case he still wants to wear it when he's bigger.  Six buttons and four buttonholes 'cos my velcro is way to stiff and scratchy.

Don't you love the fabric!  Just the right level of cuteness for a 4 year old I think.

You might have noticed that I've added the Kids Clothing Week logo to my side bar.  I've signed up, and am determined not to cheat and count Saturday's sewing towards the week.  However, life being what it is I can't see any sewing time on the horizon, and I've decided to use my phone's stop watch to tally up the week's sewing to see if I've met the overall challenge or not.  How about you, have you signed up?  What are your plans for the week?

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