Thursday, June 16, 2011


This week in my creative space I've been pondering yarn projects:
  • I want to make a Tea Leaves cardigan, but don't think I can quite justify the cost of the Madelinetosh, so I've been browsing on line, Spotlight & Lincraft (finished the Schoolboy's cardigan with Bendigo Woollen Mills' Luxury, and it looks pilled after three wears and no washing, so I'm not in a hurry to go back there...);
  • I've been wondering what a fine version of French Knitting would look like as a necklace, and how I'd manage to make something as fine as I'm thinking of; and
  • Now I've started to browse our creative spaces, and fallen in love with these Granny Squares...
... I've been told this afternoon that the lady at the wool store in Watsonia is having a 'closing down because I'm retiring' sale, so hopefully my source is right and she's not sold out before I can get there!


  1. tea leaves is lovely, have been pondering tackling that myself! Goodluck with the grannies, as maddening as they are, I do love them!

  2. Am doing a Tea Leaves for Miss Six and will soon start one for myself using Bendigo Woollen Mills' yarn. It's good fun! Also have yarn lined up for one for Miss Three but with a jumper also on the go for my Gadgetman it might be next season before I start hers!


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