Saturday, June 18, 2011

A productive morning

I started this morning's crafty endeavours with a follow-up trip to the Watsonia Wool Shop (no Kinderboy for company this time).  Scored some cotton which will find its way into baby wear, and also this blue yarn.  I've ditched the French Knitting idea, and instead drew inspriration from Kirsty's coat hangers to create this:

At last we're going public this weekend that we're due to have our third baby in December (that makes three December kids - thinking that I need to change my blog to 'December's mother' or something!!).  Each time I'm pregnant my fingers swell  I end up not being able to wear my rings, and I'm at that point already, so I've been trying to work out a safe way of having them with me (the Cyclist wore through the gold chain he was wearing his ring on when out on the bike, so I decided something a bit more durable was warranted). I like the texture and subtle colour variations yarn, and therefore the necklace, so I think this'll be my 'mode of transport' of choice for the rings for a while.  Wasn't quite game to sew them on just in case though...

Oh, and I followed Rebecca's tutorial, and basted the layers of my Christmas quilt together (minus a few pins here, as I went through all the new curvy safety pins I'd bought, all my ordinary straight ones, then had to resort to ordinary sewing pins for now):

Hope you're having a good crafty weekend!


  1. My hearty congratulatories for Number Three! Most excellent news, I reckon - except the bit about the fingers. I never worked out the logic in pregnancy symptoms. And it's not like fingers have anything to do with it...

  2. It's so remiss of me not to have given you a heartfelt congratulations when I first read this post! So I'll do it now - congratulations!!! Oh what fun you can have now, making lots of things in little sizes! I pray that the pregnancy goes well - much love to you all! xo

  3. Congratulations! Three December kiddo's - what a huge month for your family! I hope you're feeling well, with the exception of the fingers (it was feet for me ...!). Nic


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