Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forging ahead

I've hit a knitting phase I think - I'm going great guns at my Tealeaves cardigan, knitting every spare second if you listen to the Cyclist.  In my defense I'm also spending a fair amount of time sleeping in front of kids television!  Hopefully now that I'm into the 2nd trimester the energy levels will pick up, because there are so many sewing projects I want to get onto.  This week I'm:

  • Trying hard not to get sucked into starting a new quilt for the Schoolboy / for the baby / clothes for the baby / toys for the baby (you get the picture)
  • Still procrastinating about curtains - really must take the next step!
  • Hoping to get up to the armholes on my cardigan
  • Telling myself that I need to make more progress on my nieces' quilts - applique here I come!
  • Bound to spend more time than I intend to checking out other people's creative spaces...

What are you up to?

Just before I go ... another plug for the Watsonia Wool Shop - the lady's closing for good tomorrow I think, so if you're in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and are in the market for wool / embroidery thread she's probably well worth a visit...

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  1. Rubbish. You don't need to be doing anything except knitting your Tea Leaves and snoozing in front of kid's TV. Okay?


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