Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby blankets [tick]

This week I've been making baby blankets.  Strange for someone who already has two kids I know, but somewhere along the line I did a clean-up of my cupboards and got rid of most of my baby blankets, as well as the bottom half of our change table.

Last week after I realised the general lack of blankets in our house and that I needed to take our own to the hospital (when did they stop supplying them?!?), I took myself off to the op shop looking for a cotton blanket.  What I came back with was a $15 chenille bedspread.  Never mind that I have one of my own in the linen closet - somehow it seems less of a drama to cut up something that used to belong to someone else than it is to cut up something that I vaguely recall being on my bed as a child, no matter how long it is since I've used it.  Well, I've just finished turning the single bed-sized cover into six baby blankets:

Three are lined, three are not;
Three have mitred corners, three do not;
Two have curved bottom edges, four are rectangular;
Two are identical;
One has a fringed edge;
One has dodgy fancy topstitching;

Sorry for the lack of colour - trying to keep gender a secret still.


  1. I love making blankets for my babies! Great job.

  2. they look great! love the simple black and white one, very classic look! so cool you made six baby blankets from one cover :-)


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