Thursday, December 1, 2011

This week I...

have no photos!  However, I

           am loving the Schoolboy's hair and the Kinderboy's dimples (just not this morning);
           have been madly quilting the Christmas quilt, and now just have the binding to go can now say it's finished - you can see the finished product over here;
           discovered that most of my baby wraps and blankets have 'disappeared';
           made two light-weight cotton wraps for the Newbie as a result (two weeks to go!);
           gave away some stuff;
           regretted it before the weekend was out;
           pondered picking up a table off the side of the road and didn't;
           discovered that the bottom half of our change table has 'disappeared';
           hope the table is still there this morning and I can get it into the car and home as part of my 'change table replacement program';
           went op shopping, but didn't find anything.  The Kinder boy found a price tag, an ancient rubber band, a wooden bead and a broken piece of shiny plastic, all of which were essential treasures for one 'treasure box' or another.  Turns out that the 'treasure boxes' are all the back seat of the car!
           am going op shopping again today (hatching a plan for new baby blankets)

Photographic evidence to follow.  In the meantime, here's a coat that I found in a magazine I was reading in the early hours of yesterday morning.  It's not available any more according to the Melinda & Narina website, but I love the detail on it.  Maybe one day I'll get to make a version of it.

There's bound to be more interesting fare to look at over here than in my space...


  1. Sounds like your next project me thinks!! You can do it!

  2. Busy times for you! I hate giving away things and then regretting it, I've done it on too many occasions. Good luck with the shopping today!


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