Thursday, January 19, 2012

A comedy of errors no more

Do you find that some projects seem doomed from the start?  I'm pleased to say that one of my long-standing problem projects has finally come to a happy conclusion.  Here's the story behind this cot doona cover (my apologies for the mobile phone photos):

I started it when I was pregnant with the schoolboy.  Before I started I went to the shops and got the measurements of a cot doona, so that I could make the cover the correct size.  I didn't buy a doona though, and when I finished the cover I found that I couldn't locate one the size I'd measured.  I then cut the original top and superimposed it onto a new cover that fitted the doona I bought, similar to what I've done again now (the red ric-rac marks the edge of the original cover).

I was really proud of the doona cover when I had finished it.  The Cyclist was away for the night, so I did a 'happy dance' with myself, then put it in the washing machine to get rid of the grey-lead pencil marks that I had on it before taking photos.  One of the (pre-washed) red fabrics promptly bled through the lot, turning the backing fabric a pale pink, and turning my face pink and blotchy with tears as a result!  I decided that I couldn't use it, and put it away in the cupboard for future contemplation.

Over the years I've wondered about trying with it again, or cutting it down to make a wall hanging, but I've never quite brought myself to deal with it.  Now that the Newbie's arrived though, and in anticipation that she'll be the youngest of our children, I figure that its 'now or never' for the farmyard animal doona cover.  I dug out some white backing fabric from the stash.  Its not the same colour as the centre panel, but I don't care any more.  I've also told myself that I don't care if the fabric keeps on bleeding.

There was room for one more mistake though.  On Tuesday afternoon, as I was sewing up the sides of the cover I somehow managed to sew the sides so that the zipper was on the front not the back / along the bottom.  I've lost my quick-unpick, so after some laborious unpicking then re-stitching I finally have a doona cover!

Here's my favourite character, and although I suspect she's also the source of the red dye those eyes seem to dare me to hold it against her ...

I'm off now to check out some more creative spaces over here...


  1. Wow what a lovely quilt! It is super cute- I love all of the animals! I'm glad it has turned out so awesome after all the trouble you've had with it. I think when that happens it makes the end product much more special anyway!

  2. Oh, what a lovely finish! I'm so glad it's finished and think you've a very sweet momma!


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