Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pillowcases 6 ways

I have a collection of 6 'nearly-made' pillowcases that have been sitting in my cupboard for at least 15 years.  I'm not sure if they're a relic of my mother's Artex fad of the 1970s, or an unstarted embroidery project that I inherited from my Grandma*, but I've never really been sure what to do with them.  They're a tubular cotton fabric, and because there's no edge to tuck around a pillow I've never been convinced that they would actually work as pillowcases.  Each has lace and a printed flower design at one end (two of one design, four of another), and a raw edge at the other.  The lace edge isn't exactly straight on all of them, as you can see on the pillowcase on the right:

I rediscovered the pillowcases when I moved the office/craft space last year, and combined with the tutorials I keep coming across for 'pillowcase' dresses, set myself a challenge.

I'm starting today, so here's my self-imposed rules:

  • I need to make at least six garments for the Newbie from the pillowcases.  The plan is to make dresses, but a top or two is acceptable.
  • I can 'borrow' fabric from one pillowcase to complete a garment made from another (eg. I plan that one of the dresses would include two of the flower prints, whilst another won't have any).
  • The dresses need to be in a range of sizes.
  • I need to make them look as different from one another as possible.
  • I should avoid the 'standard' pillowcase dress design.
  • I can use additional (coloured) fabric for highlights, but each garment needs to be predominantly made from a pillowcase.
  • I need to use as much of the pillowcases as possible.

* Just found the painting instructions - a remnant of the 70s they are (just in case the mystery was keeping you awake at night!).

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