Thursday, November 25, 2010

My apologies...

... for the continuing changes to the appearance of my blog.  I can't help fiddling!  I spent far too long on the Yummy Lolly website, then decided I should just use up some of my soon-to-expire Shutterstock credit.  This's a bit cutesy for me, but we have a household fascination with dragonflies, and I can tile it across the page without a drama, so it wins for now.  Really what it comes down to though is that I'm procrastinating about the work I need to do (one of the perils of working for yourself from home) and the crafting that I should/would/could be doing.  I promise not to change the background / layout / colours again for the next week!

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  1. Well I love this one - didn't see the others but i really like this one!!


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