Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tulle, tulle and more tulle!

Sunday was the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Fair (try to say that three times fast!), and I'd made 36 fairy skirts for our class stall.  My son was glad to see what he thought was the last of the skirts, as he'd been embarrassed by the fact that half of them had been housed in his wardrobe for a couple of months!  Unfortunately for him I have some left, so the main purpose of setting up this blog is to let you all have a look at them so that I can sell the rest, give the money to the school, and give my boy his domain back!

So, here's the deal:

I have 9 'Tinkerbell' style fairy skirts up for sale, with the proceeds to go to the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School.  Each of the skirts has one layer of 'fancy'/glittery tulle and two layers of plain tulle.  They all have elasticised and adjustable waist, fitting over hips up to 80cm around.  We were selling them for $15 each at the Fair, but you can have them for $10 each, first in best-dressed in terms of colour and detail.  They'd make a great addition to a dressup box / Christmas present.

If you're interested you can call me / email me at crafty-woman@live.com.

If you want to specify a specific skirt refer to the row and whether what you're after is left / centre / right.
The skirts in the middle of the first row and left of the second row are the same as one another.

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