Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My creative space

I have finished the Trouser Project (I've another pair of threadbare pants now though, so the project may make a reappearance).  Very happy with the finished product!  Just waiting on some goodies to put in it before sending it north for Christmas.

So, in my creative space tomorrow I'll be turning this small stack of pink into a frothy birthday present fit for a fairy!


  1. Well done with the trousers , what a difference , they look great !

  2. Umm I'd love that bag! I love how people do this! I wish I was a better sewer!

  3. Thanks guys! The bag's actually really simple to make from 'ordinary' fabric, its just the recycling bit that makes it looks complicated. If I get around to it down the track I'll try and do a 'how to' page.


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