Saturday, February 19, 2011

A big thank-you (and an apology)!

I'm not sure if I've said or not, but I was lucky enough to win not one but two raffles in the Queensland Flood Victims Appeal raffles.  I couldn't believe it, particularly as I don't tend to win much other than Scrabble!

The first prize that a won was a Gypsy Rose layer cake and some coordinating fabric from Jane at Want it Sew it Quilt.  It arrived a good few weeks ago, and I thought that I'd done a big thankyou post to her at the time.  I know that I had put a bit about it in my Grand Plan page, but it doesn't get as much traffic as the main blog.  I now realise that I hadn't done the post and my Grand Plan seems to have plans of its own, and the reference is one of several that seem to have mysteriously disappeared.  So, THANK YOU JANE!!  I'm dreaming up a pair of quilts for my younger nieces with the layer cake as the starting point.  They're sharing a bedroom at the moment, and one's into pink and the other purple, so the Gypsy Rose will be perfect.

The reason for the sudden realisation is that yesterday I received my second prize, a charm pack and quilt patterns  in the post from Rebecca at Chasing Cottons - absolutely fantastic!  I love the  Sherbet Pips charm pack, and whilst pink doesn't usually rate a mention in this house (we've got a definite 'red beige and blue' thing happening) I think that these fabrics will make their way into a quilt destined to break the trend!  The lovely Rebecca also gave me a total of six patterns, rather than the four she had promised, and I've already devoured the instructions for half.  Curilcue Crush looks so great, and Rebecca's instructions make it look so simple that I actually want to have a go at it - curved seams and all (so far I've avoided curves at all costs when I'm patchworking).  I'm also trying to work out whether or not the Schoolboy is too old for castles.

So again, thank you Jane and thank you Rebecca!

PS.  Jane has some specials at the moment which had me trawling her website before I could finish this post - call over and have a look!

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  1. Oh your so welcome!!! xx Congrats on your other win too!!... i saw the Castles quilt made up in greys and blues.. like a knight..Looked great?? So maybe for a school boy? Although my school boy likes scooter, skateboards and dirtbikes! Yikes! xx Enjoy xx


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