Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 52: Weeks 7 and 8

I'm afraid I've dropped the ball a little on Project 52 in the last couple of weeks.  I decided last week that I'd do a 'bucket list'.  I don't have a great list of things I want to do or see in my life - my list is more about the person I want to be/become and the type of relationships I'd like to have with God and with the people around me.  I thought it'd be easy to write.  What I'm finding is that whilst it might be easy I actually think its important and that I need 'alone' time to complete it.  I want it to be a meaningful and focussing task, rather than something I simply tick off as having done for the Project.  I'll count it as homework I think.

This last week I've been thinking about what's good about my [paying] job.  I work from home doing house energy ratings / thermal performance assessments (ie. star ratings) for new houses and extensions.  It makes quite a change from my previous life as a Council town planner.  Here's what I love about it:

  • I get to use my brain and talk to adults sometimes
  • I get to work from home around my kids
  • There's no conflict involved! (planners have to be about the most abused profession both as a group and individually on an almost daily basis, whereas as a TPA I'm on the same side as all my clients)
  • I get to help people make their home environment more comfortable, save them money and help the planet at the same time
  • The amount of work varies from week to week
  • My jobs take a limited amount of time, and I usually have each for less than a week (so there's not the stress of having work hanging over me)

That's me.  What about you - what do you love about your work (paid or otherwise)?

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