Monday, February 7, 2011

Some finished projects

This morning finished my 'creative space' top from last week - I'm pretty happy with it despite a couple of hair-pulling episodes along the way.

As I mentioned, this is a trial top for a dress I'm planning to make next and I managed to squeeze it out of some fabric I had in my stash.  There wasn't enough of the plain blue to do all of the facings, but there was just enough to do the armhole facings out of the patterned fabric.  Unfortunately in my layout deliberations I forgot that one set of facings had to be the reverse of the other, and I cut them both out the same.  Horror!  I then cut two sets out of navy, but wasn't happy with that, so in the end reduced the seam allowance right down to 5mm (the allowanced have to be trimmed after sewing anyway right?!) and re-cut them from my original showing total disregard for the grain of the fabric.  In the end I think that only you and I will know!

This was also my first attempt at an invisible zipper.  I've never tried them before as I don't have a special foot for my machine, but was encouraged to by this link on the pattern.  Great step-by-step instructions, and I think that the finished result is good for a first effort (not sure about the colour of the zip - next time I think I'd go for black/white rather than a miss-matched blue like this).  While I was on the Sew Serendipity blog I decided to buy her book, and am hoping that it'll give me the courage to try and draft a sleeve pattern for the dress version of this top when the time comes.

Also finished since last Thursday is the cardigan I started several years ago (re-commenced back here).

I had already made the bands and collar, and I think that they're a bit tight (pulls up at the front), but the Kinderboy isn't going to care, and if I pull it apart now he'll never get to wear it.  Speaking of which, where is that boy??...


  1. Well done on the top - I do the same kind of thing that you have done to squeeze small cuts of fabric out of the amounts that I have. Your secret is safe with me.

    I actually find invisible zips easier than regular zips - am about to do one on a top I'm making for myself.

  2. Well I reckon your hair-pulling top looks fabulous. And I don't think I've made more than two things without complete disregard for the instructions at one point or another...


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