Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 52: Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5: Research and find a new dinner place

With 2 young boys and limited babysitting options my husband and I don't get out much, so the research behind the new restaurant we tried last Sunday night included a phone call to see what their kids options were like.  They came up trumps with chips and grilled swordfish for the kids (there was salad too, but of course that didn't get touched).  The boys loved their fish, even without the batter that they usually expect with F&C. The Man had steak and I had some entree meat skewers plus a beetroot salad.  All round the food was pretty good, particularly the suburban location.  We were served by one of the co-owners, and he was fantastic - great service and good rapport with the kids.  We promised that we'd be back to try the chocolate tart for dessert (sadly too full to do so on the night).  The details, if you're interested:

Byzantine (Greek & mediterranean food)
Turnham Avenue, Rosanna

Week 6: Buy a random gift for someone you love

The Schoolboy started Grade 1 today.  He has been collecting 'special' coins for a while now (mainly $1 and 50c pieces with the celebratory tails), and a friend who has a similar collection brought round his album for the Boy to look at yesterday.  I'd decided a week or so ago that I'd like to get him an album, and was particularly impressed that he hadn't asked for one even with yesterday's show-and-tell, but wanted it to be a surprise.  His birthday is in December, so there are no usual present opportunities on the horizon.  I thought that 'first day of school' was a good excuse (and also my first opportunity to go shopping without him).  After school drop-off this morning the Kinderboy and I went and did the necessary present shopping, and its sitting downstairs ready for presentation (get ready to hear the whoops of joy from wherever you are on the globe!).  A day early for next week's Project 52, but the rules are made to be broken every now and then surely!


  1. Trying new restaurants is always fun - and I'm glad we're not the only ones who take the kids along :). We tried a new restaurant attached to a cheesery in Donnybrook the other weekend - Italian menu, fabulous food, generaous (but not too much) servings, very child friendly. We, too, have vowed to return to try the dessert menu - especially the nutella pizza.

  2. ps. I saw your niece today at school, in her uniform and very much looking the part...very cute.

  3. Sounds good - I wouldn't have thought of Donnybrook as a dining option at all before now!! I hear that Miss J is enjoying school, but haven't seen her in her school uniform yet - I still picture the old green one that we wore, but I hear that they've joined Victoria's blue trend!

  4. I shall freely admit that I would have planned the entire meal around chocolate tart...

  5. Me too usually Tania, but I'd spent the week or so before 'detoxing' so I thought that the rolling of the eyes across the table from me might make me feel too guilty!


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