Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project 52: Read a classic novel

We were in Bright for the Australia Day weekend, and the boys and I took the opportunity to look through a second hand bookshop - I've been wanting to read some Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson.  I ended up with a book for me and two each for the boys, one of which was a 22 year old copy of The Wishing Chair Again by Enid Blyton.  I've been reading it aloud to the Schoolboy, who has loved it!  I think I have him hooked, so it looks like more trips to second hand bookstores to pick up the other books in the series.

It's funny, I've always thought of the Wishing Chair as a dark blue wing-backed chair, when in reality it was a timber kitchen chair.  I wonder if that's because I read the book in my own playroom while sitting in an armchair?

It's not the calibre of 'classic' novel that I think the creator of the Project 52 list was probably thinking of but I think its a classic anyway, as demonstrated by the fact that a 6 year old can still enjoy it 60 years after it was written.  What do you think?

Click here to see my list as it now stands.

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