Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stash busting skirt

I know that I'm supposed to be following the Grand Plan, and that means I should be making drawers and spotty dresses (not to mention finishing the unending curtains), but I've been going crazy for a creative outlet and a quick project to finish - instant gratification I guess.  Well, when Nic posted about her favourite skirt pattern (Simplicity 2309) and there was a pattern sale on in the same week I took it as a sign and went out and bought it.

I'd made a straight skirt in the spring, and something more wafty was in order for the height of summer, so in the last couple of days I've whipped this one up from the other version of the pattern.  I was stuck at home with no car and no zippers, but plenty of shirt fabric which needed lining if I was going to use it for a skirt instead, so I've made a wrap skirt out of the pattern by making twice as many pieces and wrapping it right round twice.  That way I only needed some buttons to secure it and also no separate lining.  I think that the downfall of skirts is their general lack of pockets, so I also made two pockets out of the offcuts.  All that and I've reduced my stash as well - surely that's got to be good!

My issue now is whether or not it needs any embellishment.  Usually I'm not all that into patterns, and the fabric has a self-coloured check through it, but I wonder if its a bit plain?  Have thought about some horizontal / vertical lines of stitching or ribbon, and also applique, but I'm not convinced.  Hmm.

Sorry for the quality of the photo - can't find the camera and it has a flat battery anyway, so I've resorted to the mobile.  Might take a better photo later.

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