Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 52: Trouble!

No, I haven't stumbled at the first hurdle and quit the Project 52 challenge!  I actually haven't posted about last week's project yet because I wanted to keep the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal post top of the list until I'd worked out another way of making it prominent on my site.  That done, I can let you know what I've been up to.

At last year's school fete we scored the kids game Trouble for $3 (brand new - what a bargain).  I wonder if they got complaints about their packaging or if their lawyers told them to put on the disclaimer that 'pieces do not fly out during play'.  However I'm betting in most families the pieces have gone flying when one of the younger householders discovered that they weren't doing as well in the game as they liked!  We usually play in pairs because playing with the Kinderboy is impossible - he sends the pieces flying even if he is winning, or tries to move everyone's pieces but his own.  The Schoolboy is intent on becoming the World Trouble Master though and keeps a tally of the number of games that he's won (19 at last count).  On Thursday night both the Man and I played with him after the Kinderboy had gone to bed.  It was the first time that the three of us had played at the same time, and it was fantastic.  No tanties or dummy-spits but all-out competition and plenty of laughs.  I can't remember who won, but the fun had all round and the special moment it created for the Schoolboy (who got to stay up late to play) was worthy of crossing off No. 33 on the list.

Here's my list as it stands:

1. Subscribe to, write your own or read a blog on something unique and doable
2. Cull your facebook friends
3. Find a new music artist and share your favorite song
4. Read a classic novel or novel by classic author
5. Get a facial
6. Get a Pedicure
7. Get a Manicure
8. Have a Massage
9. Do a good deed for someone you live with
10. Do a good deed for someone you don't live with 
11. Create a bucket list
12. Choose something from your bucket list and do it
13. Choose something from your bucket list and do it
14. Choose something from your bucket list and do it
15. Buy a random gift for someone you love
16. Go on a picnic
17. Go for a photo walk 
18. Go to the beach and eat ice cream
19. Research and find a new dinner place
20. See a movie
21. Bake a MasterChef dessert
22. Bake a new dish
23. Take a day trip to a new place
24. Read the book of proverbs
25. Share your journal
26. Take a bubble bath with candles and music
27. Try a new food
28. Get a spray tan (if you are already tanned.... You have to create your very own thing here!!)
29. Write a note to one of your parents
30. Write a scripture on your mirror
31. List the reasons why you love your job
32. Plant or tend a garden/plant/vegie/herb patch
33. Play a game
34. Go on a ferry train
35. Subscribe to a new podcast
36. Go to the park
37. Do a random act of kindness
38. Take someone to lunch
39. Keep a gratitude journal for a week
40. Go to Ikea
41. Evaluate your yearly goals
42. Read the book of James
43. Read the book of Galatians
44. Lay out under the stars
45. Buy a new item of clothing
46. Start a new tradition 
47. Find a festival to celebrate in Sydney Melbourne
48. Download and play a song from your childhood
49. Take a class
50. Learn something new
51. Watch an animated movie with a child
52. Find a poem to love 
53. Organise your wardrobe
54. Go for dessert with someone you love
55. Invite someone new over for dinner

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