Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 52: Buy a new item of clothing

Here's my new item of clothing (although I hope that I'm allowed to buy more than one for the year!).  It's my choice for the Project 52 challenge because it's unusual for me.  The Man is the cyclist one who exercises in our family.

I still own the first new bike I was ever bought, and that's because the Man bought it for me the first Christmas we were married (he actually managed to keep it hidden in the car boot as we drove from Melbourne to Brisbane for Christmas so that it'd be a surprise).  I don't ride much (ok, the original tyres on the bike still look new), but, the Kinder boy and I are planning to get to/from Kinder on the bike as much as we can, we've got a family bike holiday coming up, and jerseys are on sale at our local bike store, so here I am.

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