Friday, December 24, 2010

A bit of woodwork to round out the year

I don't often get a chance to make something out of wood, but I love to.  I've observed towards that latter part of this year that my younger son really enjoys playing with dolls houses.  He often carries around a Buzz or Spiderman figurine, and when we're at playgroup he loves the wooden dolls house.  We had an old Barbie one but it fell to pieces, and I think that it was just too complicated to capture his imagination.  The idea of getting or making him a wooden dolls house was cemented by seeing some lovely wooden peg dolls on Blue Caravan.  So, this last week I've been making him a dolls house out of old shelving that I'd saved in the garage for a rainy day, some scrapbooking "wallpaper" to cover the state of the internal wall, and "architrave" to cover my carpentry sins.  I hope he loves it - I have those pirates, some wooden furniture and plan a quilt and pillow case for the bed to match his own.

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