Thursday, December 23, 2010

Super sock softies (or a quick last-minute present)

The sock monkeys started it!  Nanna gave my boys a sock monkey each for Easter a couple of years ago, and along with them gave our household a new appreciation of the potential of socks.  Not long afterwards I discovered some great step-by-step instructions at web goddess, and made a couple of monkeys as first birthday gifts.  My monkeys were significantly chunkier than Bruce (right) and Monty (left), due to the stretchiness of the socks.  Then came Charlie the spider (a male version of the famous Charlotte?) by special request of the then-kinderboy.  Yesterday we added Violet and Fleur to the mix, but only temporarily.  The schoolboy decided that he'd like to make presents for his cousins for Christmas, and these were inspired by an old Family Circle toy book I've had since I was a girl. The boys helped choose the design, the socks, stuffed them and chose the facial features and clothing.  Bigger kids (or grownups with limited sewing) could do the whole lot without too much of a drama.  We finished them off easily in an afternoon, and only needed a trip to the supermarket for the socks.

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