Monday, December 20, 2010

Going dotty (part 1)

You might have noticed that my 'grand plan' includes a few dresses with spots, and that two of them absolutely must be finished this week or there'll be embarrassment around the Christmas tree come Saturday.  Well, I'm pleased to say that the first dress now totally finished.  I wanted a design that was a bit dressy, but not so much so that my nieces wouldn't get much wear out of them, so I've only lined the bodice, and rather than have a tulle frill peaking out from under the hem I've put a pink band on the bottom of the skirt.  So that's Miss 2 done, now I need to get onto Miss 5's matching dress.


  1. Gorgeous dress, Jackie! I'm always too afraid to tackle the bolds prints but you've done such a beautiful job with this dress that I'm inspired to give it a go sometime.

    It must be nice to have two nieces to sew girly things for, since I doubt your boys will ever request things with frills, tulle and lacy bits. Will they???

  2. It is fun, although I should post one of the pictures I have of Dan as a pink fairy! As for the print, it was dictated by the boys - I gave them the choice (tried to steer them in another direction, but with no luck) and wouldn't have chosen anything so bold by myself either.


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