Sunday, December 19, 2010

A present a 3 year old can make (with a little help)

The young one and I were home alone this morning, so we took the opportunity to make his big brother a Christmas present (I had the stuff last week but was missing the insight required to realise that it needed to be made before school finished).  Our big boy can't survive for more than an hour or two without doing a drawing or some writing of some kind, but his pencil case has gone AWOL, and as a consequence I'm constantly picking up his dwindling supply of pencils.  I thought that this project would give his little brother the opportunity to give and not just receive this Christmas, and save me from constant requests to help our schoolboy find his pencils.

Here's what we did:
  1. I got Dan to choose some material from my quilting stash, then I cut it about an inch taller and wider than we needed for it to go all the way around this mdf container (cheap to buy from Bunnings and elsewhere).  The selvedge of the fabric was presentable, so I made it one of the short ends of my rectangle.
  2. We then painted the sides one at a time with a mix of half water half pva (I would have used straight pva, but discovered at the last minute that I didn't have much left!)
  3. After each side had been painted I laid the fabric over it, starting with the cut end on the edge of the first side.  I smoothed the fabric over, got him to paint the next side, etc. until all the sides were done.  I think he was impressed that he got to paint the material on the first side so that I could stick down the overlapping piece.
  4. I then trimmed the fabric overlapping the top and bottom at the corners to help me fold them flat, then got him to help me paint the flaps of material with pva (again, one at a time to minimise mess), then folded them over the top and into the container.  
  5. Finally, we sat the box upside down on a bottle, folded and glued the overlapping bits onto the bottom of the container, and gave the whole lot a coat of glue mix all over.
When the glue dries (it's hiding in the study wardrobe for now) I'm going to paint it with several coats of clear sealer to protect it. 

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