Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafty Women

This year I started a monthly craft evening which my husband nicknamed "The Crafty Women" or "Craftier than Crafty Women".  The idea was that every 2nd Thursday of a month my friends were free to come over to my place to craft after dinner/kids were in bed.  It didn't really take off unfortunately, so I've jumped at the chance to be part of the my creative space crew.  Well, that's not on today either, but I've finished off some fairy skirts and I'm off downstairs shortly to:

  • Prepare the pattern so that I can cut out the fabric for my nieces' christmas dresses
  • Make some 'x marks the spot' bookmarks from a cute butterfly scrapbooking paper that I bought today
  • Wrap a Christmas present that might be discovered if I don't do it quickly!

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