Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kid-friendly Christmas garlands

Thought I'd share with you our family Christmas version of the paper garlands at art as life: what is to be is up to me.  My ideal was all white stars, but the boys were insistent about using their new Christmas stamp (I got both the stars and the stamp from Riot).  Result was so effective that the neighbour across the road came to see if we had new fairy lights!  Maybe one day I'll get my simple version, but in the meantime this's a very kid-friendly craft idea for Christmas. If you'd like another Christmas alternative / a 'how to', check out the snowflake version at maya-made.


  1. My only question do you keep your windows so beautifully clean???

    I saw a really simple idea for a garland that uses up left over felt scraps - must file the idea away fro next year's Christmas market since this year's is tomorrow morning!

    Meanwhile - anything that the kids can keep busy with can only be a good thing, right?

  2. Windows were wonderfully clean(ed) for the photo! Also had to vacuum the cobwebs off the porch - figured that if you're going to draw attention to your front door you should probably clean up!


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